G Pen, 4 GB RAM, Snapdragon 808: Is LG G4 targeting Samsung?

LG G4 (8)

LG G4 is presently rocking the speculation mill despite nothing has been made official regarding the product’s arrival. Anyway, who cares? We have our very own rumor mills to cool down the excitement. Let’s first have a look at its most probable features those are perfectly set for the rivals.

So here we have gathered all the images and leaked information about the most anticipated smartphone from LG, which is going to be the flagship carrier for the company. The specs sheet and expected powerful features can make this LG G4 smartphone a well established competitor for other smartphone makers like the Samsung, HTC, Motorola who basically own the Android smartphone world.

On the outside the LG  G4 would have really thin bezels and a better screen as most probably we gonna see a 4K display in a mobile phone device for the first time. But one thing is for sure that this display will juice all the powers so a bigger capacity battery would be a nice addition. There is nothing confirmed about the specs as of now but there are guesses that the phone would be announced in May, followed by a release in June. So we have all the rumored specs data in our hands right now.

LG G4 (6)

Aluminium clad body:

Taking a quick dig at its specs, the device is likely to pack a 5.7 inches HD IPS/ LCD display along the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Certainly it can be realised that people and manufacturers have started giving emphasize on body frames of a product. LG has been delivering products with build of very good quality and this time as well it is going to satisfy the users through its aluminium-clad frame. On this context, the device is expected to be delivering some real competition for Galaxy devices those are also hoped to be of Aluminium frame.


Coming to the performance, LG G4 is expected to be packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. However, nothing has been made certain whether it will be Snapdragon 805, or 808. But the good news is that it will be rotating at a whooping speed of 3 GHz. So far a 2 GB RAM combination has been considered a terrific combination, or you can expect 3 Ghz at most. But, LG G4 is all set for setting the standard and force the top rivals like Samsung and Apple through its 4GB RAM combination.

LG G4 (1)

Storage, interface:

For your favourite stuffs, the product is ready to offer 64 GB native storage option. Anyway, a 32 GB variant is also quite expected. Yes, it’s not the Cupertino, hence you can always expect for the further expansion through microSD slots. You can expand the capacity at least to 128 GB through it. Leaving no stones unturned to fight against Samsung the device is waiting to come with G pen for its smooth interface, something similar as of S pen with Samsung.


In terms of snapper, the product is buzzed to be sporting a 16 MP option at its main end. Respecting the selfie trend the device is all set to boast a gigantic 5.1 MP front facing shooter facing front. Some other sources have other things to claim though; they have to say a 17 MP main end camera along 3-4 MP front shooter is very likely to come this time. Still a good combination, isn’t it?

LG G4 (4)


In terms of connectivity, the product will be having all conventional options like HSPA, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, etc. To power the whole system the device is expected to be coming with 3500 mAh or 4000 mAh battery. Again, anything is a better choice here.


Finally, time to loose your wallet. Most probably the product will be carrying a tag anywhere $650 to $700. Talking of the availability, we can guess the product to hit the shelves during this summer if we take its predecessors release pattern in to account. On a whole, the device looks terrific as of now. Keep finger crossed and hope for all your favourite specs are there. Here are some more images of the device in the gallery.


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