Download Game Live Apk from Samsung and broadcast your games live on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

Game Live Apk from Samsung

Download and install Game Live by Samsung Apk which will let you broadcast any game live on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube direct from your smartphone. Ain’t it amazing? This built in app for the Samsung smartphones named Game Live Apk will make it easier for mobile gamers to show or share their favorite game-play with their friends using the top social media platform YouTube or Facebook. It also supports Twitch, the Gamers Live video sharing community on the internet.

The current Game Live v0.1.03.0 apk can be downloaded from the given link below. It seems like its still in beta state. I have downloaded this on my Galaxy S8+ and have successfully telecasted Clash Royale game play on my YouTube account. But while doing the same with another game Clash of Clans, the application stops responding and later crashed. But later It worked quite well on this game.

Once installed, you’re able to select between Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube for live streaming gaming action. Twitter is also an option for sharing a link to your stream, as well as Facebook or via an SMS message. Other options include setting up a profile with a photo and choosing between microphone or in-game audio. Videos are capped at 4GB, or “around 200 minutes at high quality”, but you will be able to stream for longer at lower resolutions. Sessions can also be saved for viewing or sharing at a later date. 

Game Live Apk from Samsung

Download and install Game Live v0.1.03.0 apk:

1- Download the Game Live v0.1.03.0 apk file from the given link below.

2- Make sure to enable the unknown source installation, so that you can install the game easily.

3- Once downloaded simply install the game.

4- If there is any data file attached with this download, simply add this data file/folder in your Android / Data or Obb folder on your Android phone.

5- That’s it.

Game Live v0.1.03.0 apk : Apk

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