Game of Thrones Coffee cup mistake earned Starbucks $2.3 Billion of advertisement. [GOT 8]

The single clip of Game of Thrones Season 8 with the mistaken placement of a Starbucks Coffee cup on the table in a clip. Has made a fortune for Starbucks. The company has claimed that it has earned Starbucks around $2.3 Billion worth of free Advertisement on Social Media, Electronic Media and even on Print Media.

Last Sunday’s GoT episode was supposed to be all about setting up the final confrontation between Daenerys’ army and the forces of Cersei Lannister, but all anyone could talk about afterward was a conspicuous gaffe in which a cup of what appeared to be Starbucks coffee was left out on a table during a scene at Winterfell.

Starbucks coffee in game of Thrones worth $2.3 billion free ads


Here is the official scene with the Starbucks cup spotted in the background.

Because Game of Thrones happens in an imagined fantasy world based loosely on medieval Britain, the presence of a modern day coffee cup was puzzling to say the least. Social media became so enthralled by the errant cup that HBO felt compelled to address the mistake, noting that the cup was not in fact coffee but herbal tea. Though early news reports consistently identified the cup in question as a Starbucks cup, it later emerged that the cup, in fact, came from craft services and not the ubiquitous coffee house chain.

As reported by CNBC, one marketing company estimates that Starbucks garnered up to $2.3 billion in free advertising thanks to the misplaced cup. As Hollywood Branded CEO Stacy Jones explained, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime collision of opportunity for Starbucks,” citing stats from PR service Critical Mention claiming Starbucks was mentioned 10,627 times online and in TV and radio thanks to their sudden, unexpected connection with Game of Thrones. Another social media analytics company, Talkwalker, counted a staggering 193,000 social media mentions of Starbucks and GoT together in 48 hours.

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