Get Refunds on iTunes store – How to Guide


The Apple iTunes store is one of the biggest store for online app and games purchase for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV. There are millions of apps made available for users to download and install on their iDevices, most of them are free but some of them have a specific price enlisted and if you want them you have to pay the price that the developer of that app wants you to pay. But sometimes you don’t get what you are shown on the images and video of that particular app, so you regret your decision of paying and downloading that particular app. Or sometime you buy some coins or other paid stuff in app purchases which you are not intended to buy. Today we will let you know how to get Refund on iTunes store and get your money back if you think the money you spend on an app or a game is not worth it.

Thanks to developers at iTunes store who offers a wonderful refund feature for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who can get their amount back instantly. But be aware that you have got two hours after the app or game purchase and with in that time you can decide if you want that app or game be installed on your device or you want your money back. All you have to do is follow the steps given below to get your money refund from the iTunes Store.

Apple has a website that is dedicated to resolve refund-related problems. Through this website you can be refunded for paid apps, books, music and movies. This website gives you the chances to request refunds for your purchases that you made in last 90 days. Now all you have to do is follow these steps given below to get the refund for the app or game that you don’t like.

How to get Refund on iTunes Store:

1- Go to the Apple’s Report a Problem site.

2- Login with your Apple/ iTunes ID and password that you are using on your Apple device for the purchase of apps and games.

3- The purchased app lists will show up with the date and time of purchased item.

4- Select the app you want to get your money back or you want the refund.

5- Doing so “Report a problem” button will show up, click on that button.

6-  Give the reason for the app refund from the drop down options box and click submit.

7- If your complaint is legitimate, your refund will be made within coming 48 hours.

itune app refund

If you are lucky enough you will get the refund, or else the authorities will email you on your desired address and will mention that your request is not legitimate so they decided not to refund your purchased item.

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