Google Calendar for iOS, comes the best calendar app for iPhone


In early 2015 Google gave us a preview of his new calendar application for iOS, which was basically the same application on Android debuted late last year and now comes to iOS with one of the best designs we can find today. way synchronization with Google services Maps and Gmail, automatically add events to our calendar. But us know it further.

Google and Material Design overtake iOS

Google has slowly been updating its iOS applications and services, taking his time and bringing his fascinating Design Material to unify their applications, and of course the interaction between them, creating a strong ecosystem without being in its platform, offering productivity iOS through Google services without switching between applications.

Google Calendar continues with this philosophy and brings the perfect complement to organization connected to other of our services, as it not only works well with Google, but we can also add our calendars to iCloud, Exchange and Yahoo , tending everything at a single application.


Ok, I got Google Calendar, now why change? easy, first by his appearance as the way our appointments and events is something that we have in iOS, giving a simpler aspect of locating and recognize, since images showing for each event automatically makes according to content, ie, we do not have to do anything, just check our calendar.

Furthermore the interaction you have with our email accounts makes events appear automatically , for example, if we receive an email with the confirmation of a flight in Google Calendar event appears with reservation details, date, flight number, airline, time to address and time for check-in, and the latter shall enter Google Maps, since according to traffic we warn that we must leave for the airport to arrive in time to document, plus you will recommend us the best route, all without leaving Google Calendar. Yeah, great.


Finally, we can choose the way our appointments are displayed , view event, three days or a week, plus of course a month, with the option to show us holidays either in our country or another.

No doubt Google Calendar is one of the best applications (if not the best) to manage our appointments and events, as its compatibility with other services that we do everything within reach without opening multiple applications, since everything will concentrate on one place. Clear missing details to polish, but in this first version works fine.

Download Google Calendar for iOS.

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