Google CEO Eric Schmidt spotted using the upcoming Moto X already.

The makers at Google and Motorola have made their first ever smartphone named to be Moto X but we have not seen any official confirmations from either company, all we have are these leaked images that we have found frequently from last month. The leaked images and reports have been found spread all over the web and with these live images of the Google CEO Eric Schmidt, holding this suspicious smartphone it is confirmed that the device is on the verge of announcement.

The leaked images have shown enough that we can spot this white back cover phone with the centered camera and the Motorola Logo as a Moto X phone which has been found to be the most anticipated Motorola smartphone to date. The new thing in these images is the all white back cover and the black front of the device, no such image have been leaked so far of this particular device.

These images of Eric Schmidt have been taken while he was at the annual Allen and Co. conference which took place in Sun Valley yesterday. This particular event has been organised since 1983 and all tech giants participate in this annual meeting. It seem that Mr. Schmidt has decided to bring the latest gadget which has not been shown to the world, except we had seen some leaked images and we have posted about this earlier.

Some close up shots made it quite clear that the phone used by the Google head is a Moto X, because there isn’t such designed phone seen on the market yet.


Business Leaders Meet In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Co. Annual Conference

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