Google is Developing keyboard for iOS

Google-Keyboard Apple iPhone users are expected to get Google Keyboard within few months, as the report posted by TheVerge says that Google is working on developing the third party keyboard for the iOS. The report says the keyboard has been under development for some time.

Google keyboard integrates many features with an aim to discrete from the stock iOS keyboard. It provides gesture-based typing for support to slide your finger from one letter to the next and let Google guess your projected word. It have also a Google logo to tap for accessing the Google web search. The keyboard has distinct features like gesture-based typing and GIF search powered by the Google image search is the key for attraction.

If the report by Verge proves correct then it makes sense as Google has the motive of making third party keyboard in iOS. It will help Google to get chance of more web searches by users from keyboard. Google gets most of the revenue generated from its ads for users search queries for its parent company Alphabet.

Apple began to allow the support for third party keyboard with iOS 8 and we have seen several keyboard developers like SwiftKey and Fleksy. However, third-party keyboards could not succeeded to make larger user base.


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