Google is working on Bill Payment Option in Gmail


It is increasingly common to reach us by email invoices rather than paper. Okay, there are still some that are tough but there are already many companies who offer that we receive in the form of mail. What is the next step? Pay from there without going through a bank, of course.

According Re / code , Google is working on what is known internally as Pony Express , an integrated Gmail service that will allow us to manage bills and to pay directly without formalities without several steps. At the moment it is rumors but, if true, would be a major breakthrough.

The documents to which access has been Re / code specifies that Pony Express asked a series of user data (credit card, name, address …) to make payments directly. As with some emails, Google will “read” the content automatically and identify invoices as such to activate the option of sending a payment.

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The choice is good but it remains to be seen if it is true and finally materializes, how Google will do business with this service. In principle we are already paying more informationabout us and you would think that these data go to serve each user’s specific advertising.

What has this to do with Android? That integration into GMail will not be alone on the website. They have some screen where you can watch appeared how you can make payments from the mobile phone and the implementation of its mail service. For now, I cojámoslo with care as it could be a hoax but considering that comes from such a reputed media, is just give them a vote of confidence.

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