Google made $17.3 billion in profit although the Nexus sales drops sharply.


The multinational publicly-traded organization Google gathered a lot of hard cash .Google reported its first financial quarter Q1 2015 earnings. The company reported revenue of $17.3 billion which is a 12% increase year-on-year and $3.85 billion of that was pointed as profit.

Advertising that is one of the largest Google businesses brought the total advertising revenue of more than $15 billion as a whole. “Other” businesses revenue such as (earn money through Google Play Digital and Physical Sales) grew 23% increase of $1.8 billion in total, But there was a down of 2% in the performance quarter-over-quarter.

Nexus devices disappointed the growth and offsets by declining Google sales. Nexus 6 was accessible at a high price of $650 with 6inch display which discourages more sales then yesteryear’s $350 Nexus 5.  It was less costly and people were willing to pay for Nexus 5 .Nexus 6 beaks the history of focusing on the affordability. For the first time Nexus 6 were available to major American carriers for financed smartphones payment plans or subsidized contracts.

But Google still beating and remains a major money maker and the lead continue. Whereas selling hardware is not Google’s first priority. Google is more focused to make money by looking into numbers and focusing on creating platforms and provide services than can be used by every person.

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