Google Maps 9.25.1 apk with Batch Photos, Contact Addresses adding and more features included.


The Google Maps app has got a whole new update for the Android platform. The update was first shown at the Google I/O conference. The web interface is already live and there are the same changes spotted on the Chrome browser app. The new UI presents a more clean and trim experience for users while browsing through the better enhanced way of discovery in the new Google Maps 9.25.1 Apk.

The app has been made available for all Android phones having Android 4.3+ versions including the latest Android N version as well. This current app will not work on any device which is still stuck with the older version of Android, so the ones who have been using the previous version of Android would not get the current update, and advised to not download this current version of the app on their devices. The updates will start rolling out for these devices in coming weeks. There are still no updates found for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 which have been spotted as the most used Android devices. So we have posted the external links for the *.Apk  here to Download (at the end of Post) the latest version of the Google Maps 9.25.1 Apk even before it officially hits the Google Play Store.

For the best experience you can have later uninstall this apk and you can download the official optimized version of the app for your device, which will be surely available in coming weeks.

We will need more time to digg deep in to the app to find the latest features meanwhile we can share the main features which includes the addition of the Navigation option at the start of the screen and if you have your GPS ‘ON’, it will help you reach your destination even quicker. In most countries it has the support for the latest traffic data and the best shortcuts available. New notifications like Road constructions are also added in case to let you know the whole situation.

  • Contact addresses appear in Your places screen.
  • Submit photos in batches for multiple locations.
  • Toggle for ‘New on Maps’ under Settings –> Notifications
  • Extra suggestions and related searches on location pages


 Google Maps v9.25.1 Adds Batch Photo Submission  Puts Contact Addresses In Your Places  And Gives Suggested Searches On Location Pages  APK Download

Download Link for Android 4.3+ Jelly Bean.

Download Links for Android 5.0 + Lollipop version.

Hope you will like the new UI in the Google Maps 9.25.1. Use the latest update and share it with your friends, do let us know what you find best in the current update. Stay tuned and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google + to know the latest from the tech world.

Google Maps 9.25.1 Apk : Link

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