Google Nexus 5 Drop Test alerts its fans, All your dreams can shatter in one drop.

Google Nexus 5 Drop Test  2

Google has announced its Nexus 5 smartphone just a few days back and the Google phone fans are in hurry to get their hands on the next gen Google Nexus 5. The phone has been own a pretty much unique design yet built with some poly-carbonate material found in many devices recently.

If you don’t know about the Nexus 5 let me set a brief introductory to the device.The device has one of the best 4.95 inch Full HD 1080p Display with the Quad Core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor supported with 2 GB of RAM it is one of the most powerful smartphone from inside. But form out side it may look good until you don’t drop it once.

It may look harsh for such a powerful specs smartphone to have a such a mid-range outer body, made with some cheap plastic, beside the Google’s claims that the device has the best Gorilla Glass 3 on the display didn’t look true as the Guys at Android Authority decided to perform a drop test of Nexus 5 and the came back with some disappointing results.Google Nexus 5 Drop Test   YouTube

When the device dropped with the face down ( Screen towards ground) it not only shattered completely but the worst thing was that the peices of the display came out and the inner body of the device get exposed. The device was dropped at around 4-5 feet height and the damage that it got despite having the best Gorilla Glass 3 display was totally disappointing.  You can see the results in the images above.

The device was first dropped on back and horizontally resulted in the back cover broken along with some serious dents on the body which can not be healed by any means. In other words the Nexus 5 Drop Test alerts its fans to cover it with extra protection otherwise one drop will surely shatter all your dreams. Google Nexus 5 Drop Test   3

Here is the link to the full video and the Guys remarks who performed the drop test of the device. [ YouTube Link ]

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