Google Nexus 5 image leaked showing LG Logo.

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The Google Nexus 5 is on the news again with some new leaked images have been leaked on the web showing a total new design and a more prompted LG logo. 

The Image has been posted by a very popular smartphone leak source @evleaks, which is a twitter account and has made a name for itself by publishing high profile and accurate leak images of the most anticipated devices.

In this newly leaked image of the Google Nexus 5 which has been claimed by the publisher shows a large screen smartphone which seems to be over 5-inches with round edges and is emblazoned with the LG logo. The new image shows that the device will be button less, and there is the possibilities of touch Home,

menu and return buttons. This shows that Google wants to upgrade their Nexus 4 smartphone and will stay with the same manufacturer “LG” for their next Nexus 5 device.

However these leaks don’t show any time frame of the launch of the device as most analysts have been found scheduling the launch date back to Autumn this year. But surely LG and Google are already working in this as we have seen some leaked images of the AnTuTu benchmark tests where we have seen three different sets of benchmark of some mystery LG devices, but we’ve also seen (and heard) a number of scraps of gossip surrounding Google’s next Nexus device, though we’ve also been warned not to expect it at the company’s I/O, which kicks off later this month.

Anyways we are still keen the future Nexus device which will surely be the Google Nexus 5. But there will be a stockpile of  news and rumors waiting for us in coming weeks as the hype for the next Nexus device will be on it’s peak before the Official Google I/O conference which is taking place next week.

We have found some new images of this most anticipated Google phone of the year the Google Nexus 5. Which one you think is a cool Nexus 5 device ?

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