Google street view now covering 50 countries.

Google has been working hard in expanding capturing Street View  of the world. The term street view was first used by Google when they started taking images of each road and street of United States and then gathered them on to the map. Now this procedure has crossed the 50 countries mark. The latest addition to the list are the Hungry and Lesotho.

The app has been updated now with the complete street view of the world’s 50 Countries included with complete images of 350,000 miles of roads and streets. This is surely the biggest map database in the world.


Coverage in Poland and Romania has also been expanded and other locations were also included to make sure more people will be able to access the app and find it convenient. Other countries, whose roads and streets have also been added, were also mentioned in the news from the Google blog.


This is useful for those who are interested in virtual tourism and for those who are planning on their itineraries prior to going to a particular city. Street View on Google Maps will surely be relevant to those who love to travel and experience adventures off the beaten path. It is expected to expand to more countries and provide better photos of interesting streets and points of destination and tourism.

Source : Google Maps Blog


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