Google updated Its Jelly Bean Keyboard to Version 1.1


Google released their Jelly Bean Keyboard to the Google Play Store.

This update is a Good news specially for Android tablet users, as now they can type a number through long pressing on their Google Keyboard.

Google is getting update to version 1.1. It might will take some care of irritation as it added long-press numbers to the top row of the tablet layouts, Tuned keyboard layouts for some languages and in addition it worked on Bugfixes and stability improvements. In addition theĀ  external dictionary packs can now also be loaded.


Now have a talk on the Google strategy, Though the initial offered few enhancements over the pre-installed keyboard, today’s release makes clear benefits of Google’s larger strategy. As Google Play Services continues to bring new features to older devices, as does Hangouts and the Google Play Store. An especially major move this past June was the migration of the stock Android keyboard to the app store’ which served the dual purpose of providing an AOSP keyboard solution for those stuck with third party bloat, and establishing a mechanism for updating a major part of Android without the need for OTAs.

These days we receiving a lot of apps updates and the Google Keyboard update is another surprising one. Although the addition and fixes are not many, but they are always welcome. But you might also see that in Google Play there are currently no buttons to update or uninstall.

You can download the update from Google Play Store.


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