Google X phone and Android 5.0 Appeared in AnTuTu benchmark test.

This is again the most hot season for the rumors as a long list of things have been leaked and everybody around is coming up with it’s own news. One of the most important news is the announcement of the next version of  Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which has been already cooked in Google offices and ready to be served in Google I/O  being held in California next month.

However there is no official confirmation of this rumor by Google but we found some more leaked images indicating the existence of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and the Google X smartphone. The leaked image have been taken from AnTuTu benchmark test and it is quite clear that the strange device name has been shown as Google X while it was running on the expected next version of the Android 5.0 

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This image not only confirming the facts about the next Google smartphone but it also highlights the next version of Android 5.0. In Fact the version number 5.0.1 has not been seen anywhere else before. So this image confirms some rumors that Google is ready for the show and we are getting to see the future of Android and Google X phone in upcoming Google event.

But the analyst have denied the fact that there is any device named as Google X or anything like Nexus 5. While the indications of benchmark test shows that the   processor frequency does not match that of any Qualcomm  generation, but rather with the Snapdragon S4 Pro So we may be having  the rumored version of  LTE Nexus 4 with 32GB of internal memory, and also to the new model of the Nexus 7.

Nothing clear for now, but the certainty that Android 5.0 could be very close, and that Google is preparing a new device which will surely be announced either in the Google I / O in San Francisco or later in any other event. 

Here we gather some cool concept images of this upcoming rumored Google X phone.

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