GTA 5 looking to break all time game records with 3 million copies set for just the UK Launch.

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If you go out and ask any gamer which game is he anticipating most out of 4-5 big titles, 80% of them will answer GTA 5. Yes this has been developed to one of the most anticipated gaming titles of all time. The launch event which is expected to be happen in mid of September 2013 will be a record itself. The folks at London are ready to grab the copy of most realistic game of this year.

The game was announced to be released in Spring of 2013 but than it delayed until the new date that is mid-September. Despite the delay the the anticipation for the game is still quite high and analyst suggests that the 5th version of the famous Grand Theft Auto series will mark the UK’s biggest gaming release to date, as some reports point towards the 3 million copies being set aside for the launch in UK alone. The other most anticipated game was the Call of Duty: Black Op’s which impressed London gamers quite a lot.

Most of the reports points at the September 17th release date for the Xbox one and PS4 consoles platforms but the title isn’t yet confirmed. There is still a big question mark for the availability of the game for older Xbox 360 and PS3 owners. A survey shows that around 13 million PS3 and XBOX 360 owners are in waiting list, the 3 million copies of GTA 5 set aside for launch would account for a little under a quarter of all current-gen console owners. The older version or the 4th series  of the GTA had 630,000 copies sold on the launch day alone.
For pre-orders now the price has been lowered to £59.99 and the copies can be booked right now online. The developers has just released some awesome game play images of the upcoming 5th edition of the game. Here are some of them.

gta 5 release date

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