Guppy Photo Booths Launches a new guppyPOD™ Photo Booth Kiosk on Kickstarter.

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The first curtain-drawn photo booth was developed almost 100 years ago. Nearly a century later, fueled in large part by social media, the photo booth concept is as strong as its ever been.

But is it practical?

Traditionally, those enclosed booths have been large, cumbersome units that could only be transported by two men and a truck. That design fails to address several critical factors:

1. Recurring photobooth needs for events

Rather than having to rent a photo booth every time a need arises, event planners and venues that host events
have long been clamoring for a solution that would allow for a one-time purchase of a cost-effective photobooth which could be used continually at different events and generate additional revenue.

2. Space restrictions

Whether at an event, a venue, a retail location or any other environment where entertaining photo engagements may take place, floor space is often an issue. A photo booth might be a perfect solution, but the space it will take up makes it an unfeasible choice.

3. Large groups/ Disabilities

The traditional enclosed photo booth can only fit two or three people inside. While this has been addressed with some of the newer booths which are designed for larger groups, in many cases, those photobooths still do not cater to guests with disabilities.

guppy, guppy POD, Photo studio,

Recognizing these drawbacks, Alpha Event Marketing Services, Inc. dba Guppy Photo Booths has developed a solution called guppyPOD™- a miniature photo booth kiosk small enough to fit in the front seat of a car, and weighing less than 50 lbs- including the printer, which is contained within the unit’s enclosure. The capabilities of the product make it a perfect engagement tool for events, venues, and retail locations…but the size and portability of guppyPOD™ broadens its appeal beyond just B2B. For consumers, it offers a potential new business opportunity, or could be used at all of that consumer’s private parties and family gatherings.

guppy, guppy POD, Photo studio,

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has just launched to support the unit’s manufacturing along with additional product enhancements, including the development of vending capability. Various rewards are being offered in exchange for a pledge, including the guppyPOD™ unit itself. Find out more information by visiting the official guppyPOD™ Kickstarter page: Click Here 

Or just visit the Facebook Page :

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