Hackers have confirmed that iOS 7 Jailbreak isn’t yet ready.


Most famous iOS hackers team have once again mentioned in their tweets that there is no way to find the processes to Jailbreak iOS7 yet. The main hackers community that have successfully Jailbreak the previous iOS7 versions have posted it on their twitter accounts which includes @posixninja and @Pimskeks.

Both famous iOS Jailbreak experts have confirmed at the WWJC 2013 that there  prospect of iOS 7 Jailbreak is still not optimistic. They have been working on different ways and they are expecting that the iOS 7 Jailbreak will be made available at the time of its release. The teams are working on new Puzzle pieces and tools to Jailbreak iOS 7.

Furthermore @Pimskeks has said that some exploits previously discovered have been fixed in iOS 7 beta, for which they must now search first alternative. @P0sixninja also says further that it makes no sense to publish a jailbreak for iOS 7 beta, as Apple would block these vulnerabilities before the iOS 7 official version release. This also cancels all the rumors associated to these famous iOS Jailbreak teams that the iOS7 Jailbreak is ready and will be released on the same day when the Official iOS7 will hit the market.

We can guess that it will take a while after the official release of the iOS 7 to be Jailbreaked by the hackers but its also quite visible that they are quite keen to kill the code this time. We will make it sure to bring it for our readers as soon as possible.

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