How to Have More Followers on Instagram (Totally Authentic)

If you are an Instagram user, you must want to increase your followers and likes. Do you have any idea about how to increase? No need to buy followers. Checked. Now let’s see how to have free Instagram followers that are totally authentic. There are a number of specific keys that we can implement. Follow the 5 tips below and you will get much more authentic followers and likes on Instagram.

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1.- Create a good profile, complete and attractive

The profile is a bit like the cover letter of your brand, be it personal or business. You have to have a very good eye when choosing your profile picture, username and description.

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Of course everything depends on the brand. If it is a business, the profile image will be the logo. If it is a personal brand of a service provided, the profile will have a photograph of the person.

It is important that the username is unique. If the name is already repeated, it is best to change it completely or add phrases, words that distinguish it. The URL has to go to your website (if you have a website) and the description has to make it very clear who you are and what you do (the spirit of the brand).

2.- Post photos that invite interaction

This is the point that will give the most value to your Instagram account. What is your visual proposal going to be? When it comes to a brand, this has to be determined from the moment you start on the platform. It is the visual coherence, the aesthetic proposal. That on the one hand. On the other hand, we bring you these recommendations:

POST ORIGINAL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. There may be some exceptions, but in general you MUST NOT POST VIRAL PHOTOS OR VIDEOS OR PICTURES REMOVED FROM REPOSITORIES. Use your own photos and videos. On Instagram, authenticity is worth much more.

In this example, you can clearly see the visual aesthetics of the brand. It is a visual identity agency. All photographs are taken by the team and show their knowledge of the service they provide. And most importantly: they generate engagement!

POST RELEVANT PHOTOS. This means that they have to be relevant images for the audience that follows you or that you are targeting. What can get your attention?
In case you have not yet identified your Instagram audience, you can implement a key strategy: locate your competitors or partners. According to the great marketing specialist, Neil Patel, the question you have to ask yourself is: Who are the Instagram users who already have a large number of followers in your niche? Find them and start following your followers.

We explain step by step how to do it:

You go to the Instagram search icon and choose the “tags” option (#).
You search for the term that is relevant to your industry.
Identify those hashtags with the most posts and expand the search.
Within that group, you will have to search for the main publications, that is, those that were published by users with many followers or those that have many likes or comments.
When you find an account with many followers and they are in the same niche, the same industry; Those followers are also likely to want to follow your brand.

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To see the followers of an account, you only have to click on the follower’s option once you are in the profile. Instagram does not allow to follow many people in a short period of time because it wants to prevent users from abusing the system. What it does is disable the “follow” button from time to time. Try it and you will see! . That is, the strategy so far is to follow 50 users every one hour (slowing down the process for minutes).

As you follow users, you will increase your own base of followers. But do not stop posting content of interest to them because they can click on the dreaded “Stop following” button.

One more thing on this point: take a good look at the most successful posts from the most important accounts in your niche and find out what this audience wants to see. That’s what publishing relevant content is all about since they are vital to generate brand awareness and, subsequently, sales.

3.- Make a long description of your publication

The best posts have a lot to say. The truth is that the image or video is not enough. Instagram is really a platform that invites you to share experiences, to tell stories, to expand if necessary.

The key is to add paragraphs of valuable content to your post. You can write up to 2,200 characters. In the users feed, Instagram will only show three lines of everything you have written. Get the attention of users in those seconds!

4.- How to have followers on Instagram including Hashtags

It may seem a bit of an exaggeration to say that if you don’t include hashtags you won’t be making your audience grow, but it really is. Through them, you get visibility. On Instagram, hashtags are like an additional language. And above all they are search terms. People jump from one hashtag to another, stopping at posts and accounts that they find interesting. If you want to be found you have to use hashtags.

A good strategy is to add hashtags not only in the image description but also in the comments. In addition, this is useful in case you have already reached the limit of labels that the platform allows you (that limit is 30).

Instagram shows you the most popular hashtags. Start by using the ones from that list related to your industry and then you can create some more specific ones related to your brand.

Another option is to use hashtag generating tools, such as this hashtag search engine for posts, which generates an unlimited number of hashtags from a keyword that you can copy and paste into your publications.

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5.- Try some free and great app to get more followers on Instagram

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