Here are all the Best iPhone 6 Tips & Tricks.


iPhones and updates and Apps oh my!  The iPhone 6 is here…in case you missed the official launch.  Part of the excitement with a new phone is learning the little tips and tricks that will make your iPhone 6 that much more user friendly.  Having a problem with your battery life draining too quickly on your phone?  Or how about wanting to enable a hands free Siri?  I cover all that and more with this article.  Grab a cup of your favorite thing it is that you drink, your iPhone 6, and settle in for an enlightening read.

Tips & Tricks:

Remember having to press the round button to enable the reach-ability feature?  Well     there is no need for that anymore.  Simply double tap(don’t press. I repeat, don’t press) the home button and viola, reach-ability feature is enabled.  With a larger screen size the iPhone 6 is donning, those regular sized Apps and Menu items might seem just a tad bit too small.  Fortunately, you can make those Apps and Menu items bigger by simply selecting your Settings>Display &     Brightness>Enable the Display Zoom Feature.

Hold your phone how your normally hold it(hopefully this is right side up), now  tilt your phone ninety-degrees (so it’s now the long ways).  This is called ‘Landscape Mode’.  When you use your keyboard in ‘Landscape Mode’ and it comes with additional options such as cut and paste.

Also, in ‘Landscape mode’ you can view both messages and mail at the same screen.


Talk about multi-tasking at it’s finest:

If you are like most smart phone users you probably notice that your phones battery life drains much too quickly.  iOS 8 now offers the capability of finding out  exactly which apps are draining your battery.  Go to Settings>Usage>Battery Usage to discover who the culprits are.

Remember, with the previous iOS there was only the option of having your location     permissions for Apps set to ‘Never’ or ‘Always’.  Well now iOS 8 Apps offer a third option of ‘While Using the App’.  Genius! Not only will this feature help you to feel less vulnerable but it also saves a large amount of your battery life. To simply  enable, go to Settings>Privacy>Privacy Locations. Read more about the battery saving tips here.

For those Safari users who love bookmarking a good web page for later there is now a spiffy little Bookmark button at the top of the Safari web page that you simply tap and hold.  This feature also allows you to add a web page to your reading list or subscribe to its RSS feed.

Sick and tired of having to fill out those credit card forms every time you buy something.  Well bypass that whole step with a quick scan of your credit card using the ‘Scan Credit Card’ option on top of the keyboard when filling out credit card forms. This feature allows iOS to automatically scan the info from your credit card  and add  it to the correct fields of the credit card form.

App Notification:

App notifications keeping you up at night?  Simply select Settings>Notifications>and select that app you wish you to disable.  Note: This is also the same route you would use to enable notifications for a certain

The iPhone 6 camera has separate controls for focus and exposure.  When you tap   to focus you will notice a brightness scale is displayed; this is your exposure control. The exposure control allows you to brighten or darken the photo for your desired effect.

Another handy dandy feature of your iPhone 6 Camera is the self timer.  Just tap the timer icon at the top of the camera and select either the 3 second or 10 second timer.

Find My Phone:

The ‘Find my iPhone’ feature may possibly be one of the best features of the phone.  Now it’s even better!  This feature is now programmed to send you the last know    location of your iPhone before your battery drains to a critical level.  Be sure to   enable this option by selecting Settings>iCloud>Find my iPhone.

Took too many pictures on your last vacation and now you don’t have enough space    for your child’s first birthday?  Free up storage space from photos and videos on your device quickly by going to Settings>Photo & Camera>Select ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’.  This allows iOS to store device-optimized versions on your iPhone freeing up storage space.


Lastly, I bring you the new iOS 8 hands free Siri activation trick.  Simply say ‘Hey Siri’ to activate Siri without  pressing a button and Siri will be at your command. There you have it. Some of the best known tips & tricks of the iPhone 6.  There are plenty more to be found, but these are some of the most beneficial (in my humble opinion).  Enjoy!

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