How and Where you can buy Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge in UK.


Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally unveiled but most of the die-hard customers of the Samsung Galaxy S series must have to realise that the Galaxy S6 has been just unveiled yet at the Mobile World Congress . At the Keynote it has been announced that it will be made available for customers on 10th of April 2015. Since then the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has been shipped to all over the world with availabilty made possible without any issues as was expected in demand and order ratioes. So today we will let you know how you can have this future flagship device in your hands in United Kingdom.

However we have the list of  UK cellular networks who have already announced or released some new pages on their sites where you can register yourself right now to get your hands on the most anticipated device of 2014 the Samsung Galaxy S6. On most of the sites there is a Register page for this new device where you can apply to get noticed about the release date or stock availability  of the Galaxy S6.

Here we will collect all such information for our readers to let you know how to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 in UK.

Below is the list of companies from UK where you can register and get your Samsung Galaxy S6 as soon as they get the device in their stocks.

1- Carphone Warehouse: The pre-orders date will be announced later but the company has confirmed that it will stock the Galaxy S6 as they are the preferred retail partners of the Samsung mobiles for some time now.

2- Phone 4u: The company has announced that they will also make it sure to provide the Galaxy S6 for their customers and will start taking pre-orders in coming weeks.

3- EE: The Galaxy S6 will be released by the EE networks later next month with the 4G EE and 4G EE Extra Tariffs packages to be announced later. As above mentioned companies the EE Networks will also start taking pre orders of the device from next month.

4-  Three 3: Three also revealed on their site that they will make sure to provide the Galaxy S6 including the pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 to be announced later.

5- Vodafone: One of the most popular UK cellular company has also announced the availibility of the Galaxy S6 on their stocks. All you have to do is visit their site to get register right now.

6- O2:  The Keep me in the Loop page has been added on the O2 network site to let customers register themselves for the Galaxy S6 ownership.

7- Virgin Media: The company has announced that it will start selling the device as soon as they get the device in their stocks. you can register on their site for the pre-orders later next month.

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