How can you improve the camera results of iPhone 5?

further improve the camera result of iPhone 5

Here I’m going to tell you the way you can further improve camera results of your iPhone 5.

When need to talk on further improving of camera results of iPhone 5, the polarizing habit of a camera stuck in to our mind, that’s why first I would like to talk on its polarizing filters. Many professionals photographers has been using polarizing filters to clean up noisy light and reflections for decades. Have you fun of testing out an iPhone 5 camera polarizing filter from photojojo? Then you may have experienced the problem in causing some vignette of photos through photojojo.

Now the trigger is processing “The camera clip”. The Trygger Camera Clip for iPhone 5 helps you make your best photos. It helps manage difficult lighting conditions without the cause of vignetting problem. The Camera clip is small plastic, metal and glass device that slides onto the upper right side of a “naked” iPhone 5. It blocks the flash, but generally you won’t be using a polarizing filter and flash at the same time.

TryggerTrygger for iPhone 5

Being with the features, it also has a small knurled dial that is used to rotate the filter for maximum effect. I found that dial to be easy to find even without looking. There’s a pass through on/off/sleep/wake button on top of the Trygger Camera Clip, so there’s no need to pull; it off to turn your iPhone off or reset it. The inside surface of the Camera Clip is nicely padded with felt to keep it from scratching your phone.

improve the camera result of iPhone 5

You will definitely want to know how it works. Well here a video I’m entering in to post. You will be able to learn more about trygger camera clip and the trygger camera case as well from this awesome video tutorial. The Trygger Camera clip is available for price $40 on “The Gadget Flow“.

Source: Kickstarter & Trygger

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