How Do Modern Algorithms Determine Our Choices?

Have you ever wondered what powers Google and helps you find the most relevant results for your queries? How do you get suggestions when you ask Netflix to play something at random? Truly, there has to be an underlying mechanism to read your preferences and show something you may like. Welcome to the mysterious world of “algorithms”!

Mainly created to optimize everything, algorithms can save lives and conquer chaos to make living easier. There are always people worried about relying on these “algorithms” in that they now influence consumers’ decisions on any platform. Experts believe algorithms come with their own biases and can even go rogue, but one thing is for sure that these modern algorithms are helping people in so many ways, especially while looking for a romantic partner through online dating sites.

AI Relationship

Algorithms, AI, and Dating Sites

The combination of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence has truly made online dating sites a lot more efficient and effective. Top-rated sites now use ways to determine people’s interests and preferences. Even when you are on a niche platform, say a black dating site, you may have to share your preferences to narrow down your search. With the help of these algorithms, they can consider what you mentioned on your profile page and what your overall “browsing” behavior is. So, if you are looking for a local black girl, such websites will consider all the filters you use and shortlist the best matches based on religion, skin color, and so on. Interestingly, it is even possible to find people who do not smoke, are fully vaccinated or are looking for casual/serious dating.

The combination of intelligent algorithms and machine learning has made it possible to find relevant matches. They achieve it by predicting on-site user behavior data. Such matchmaking has recently gone to a new level, making it possible to find desirable matches in nearby locations. Many sites are now in a position to offer a “friend-of-a-friend” match by using a matching algorithm that works on a neural network. Some of these platforms send daily recommendations based on your past behavior on the site. You may be asked to complete a brief survey in order to determine if you and your potential partner are a successful match for an offline meeting.

These sites based on intelligent algorithms make it easier to arrange offline dates for those who are still new to online dating. Once you have found a match, you can utilize AI-enabled features that encourage you to suggest meeting in real life after communicating with someone for a while. These sites can also suggest places to arrange your first date based on your preferences, chat history, and other factors.

Besides dating sites, you can find algorithms being used everywhere around you and influencing your choices in an extremely subtle way. For instance, your smartphone runs on an algorithm, and so does your GPS system, which broadcasts your location to dating sites and helps you identify the best matches in your local area. Improved security is yet another benefit of relying on algorithms, as new AI-enabled features use facial recognition to authenticate users.


Apparently, you cannot make decisions in the online world without the help of modern-day algorithms, but the truth is that everything around you falls into this category. Math equations are algorithms, as are recipes. The internet relies on algorithmic codes, and online shopping is nothing without them. Even video games you play today are algorithmic storytelling.

Any instructions designed to solve a problem or complete a task are algorithms, and they are so advanced now that they influence our choices in more ways than you can imagine. There may be downsides too, but they are making things easier, especially when you are not sure what type of a dating partner is best suited for you.

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