How Do You Think Technology Has Changed Our Online Shopping Experience?

If we are being honest, shopping has always been one of the most enjoyable things that human beings have taken part in. Looking at shop windows and essentially window shopping has always made us feel light and carefree. Even grocery shopping makes us feel great because once you see all those goods on display, you feel like buying everything, don’t you?

Well, please do not do that because as fun as shopping can be, being an addict or a shopaholic is no fun once you splurge all your money on random stuff that you do not need at all, right? But, with the Covid-19 pandemic raging on without an end in sight, it is most definitely the correct time to move all or at least most of your shopping online. That way you can buy whatever you need, whenever you need, budget as much as you need, and also not have to step outside or come in contact with people. 

Technology has seriously evolved since the time man invented the wheel and then developed trolleys on wheels to make the best of the supermarket experience. According to a Statista report, around 2 billion people bought goods or services online, with global e-commerce sales getting to be more than $4.2 trillion. Yes, that is one whopping amount!

Online Shopping

Technological advancements have a lot to do with this huge increase in the demand for e-commerce. Technology not only controls the communication between the shopper and the brand but also works well with drone deliveries, brand marketing, and artificial intelligence-based recommendations. Technology has transformed other sectors too, with the introduction of online medical practice, Best sports betting apps, and so on. 

The following are some of the ways in which technology has turned the world of online shopping into an amazing experience for a large number of online shopping enthusiasts around the world:

  • Live Video Shopping: Live video shopping is a very new format developed to let shoppers see the goods in real-time and evaluate them before starting off with the purchasing process. Also called Live streaming, live shopping, or live e-commerce, this is revolutionizing online shopping experiences for people. With a significantly greater interaction, it allows companies to promote their products and services in the best way possible and answer all and any questions immediately;
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Assistants: AR and AI are being used simultaneously by almost all the leading brands and online shopping websites because this entails that you will get a personalized shopping experience, clearly matched to your preferences. Several online sites and even land-based shops have started using the AR Magic Mirrors that are capable of showing how the makeup will look on your face once applied. There are also several robot assistants, also called bots who help you by providing information, suggestions and directing your purchase as you want.

Other than this, online shopping provides you with everything you need in a convenient manner with the incorporation of variations, discounts, and added security. Without crowds, shopping with technology is your best bet now! 

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