How DVD Ripping Software Helps When DVD Sucks.


With the recent increase in the demand of DVD ripping software, the curiosity of many who haven’t yet learned what it is and how it works has massively increased. If you are one of those curious users who want to know what exactly it is but you feel a bit confused as you don’t know much about it, simply keep going down the page and continue reading to keep your doubts off your mind and usage idea clearer!

Let’s start with DVD. Of course, you know what it is and how it works. And it won’t be a surprise if you own plenty many of them – some in your living room drawers, some inside the car’s glove box, and some simply turned into crap as you use your iPod more now!

Well, DVD or Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc is a kind of optical disc storage media format. It has been quite popular for really long but is losing its popularity from sometimes now as more sophisticated media storages are around. This is where the need of ripping has come up.

Moreover, there are several disadvantages of DVDs, which further turn down the interests of the users.

Have a quick look at some of the disadvantages because of which it is not at all a good idea to own DVDs and use them over other multimedia storage components.

First, DVD specifications are kind of vague making them quite inadequate for testing the players and discs. This leads to various incompatibility issues and at times, you even find that movie discs don’t function well or simply don’t play at all on some of the media players.

Second, they have built-in copy protection and come with regional lockout feature that don’t let you make their maximum use.

Third, they use digital compression, which is sometimes quite poorly done. This makes the video quality hopelessly poor with blocky picture and sound, fuzzy working, harsh output and vague performance.

Fourth, as the DVDs offers audio downmix process for stereo or Dolby surround sound; this reduces the dynamic range of the audio output.

Fifth, then there are plenty of technical trouble with DVDs such as they don’t support HDTV; variations like DVD-Audio, DTS audio tracks and DVD-VR don’t get proper support on all kinds of players.

And finally, coming over to the DVD players, there are several many functionality issues such as DVD players and drivers are unable to read CD-Rs; recordable DVDs; and DVD-RAM discs. And most players are unable to play in reverse at normal speed.

All these disadvantages make it extremely important for you to shift from DVDs to some other storage systems or some other ways to get access to multimedia files whether it is a music file or a video file. And ripping the DVD is one best way to make it work. However, it is important to use some proper software for the purpose.

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Why you need DVD ripper software?

It will keep your DVD discs free from scratches. You’ll be able to share your DVD movie files with your friends in much easier ways. You won’t have to stay restricted to DVDs players alone for watching your favourite DVD movies as you’ll then be able to watch it on numerous other media players such as iPod, touch and iPhone, etc.

But you must be wondering why not to directly copy the DVD on to your hard drive?

Well, this is because it is practically not possible. Most of the movies come with special encryption and CSS copy protection which make it impossible to get them copied. Every time you’ll try doing it, all you’ll get is error messages! Even if somehow you’re able to do it, it won’t be done that beautifully well that you get the same effect watching the movie as you get while watching it from the original DVD.

On the other hand, DVD ripper software like Aimersoft will let you do the work in much better a way. You’ll be able to rip all kinds of DVD formats whether they are DVD discs, folders or image files and even those formats that are compatible on various portable devices like iPods, iPhones, and so on.  Not only this, you even get complete usage ease and really great output video quality and all this takes hardly any time at all!

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