How Home Offices Are Useful For Online Entrepreneurs And Freelancers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left most of the planet stuck working and studying from home. With families being around each other constantly, there may be numerous more distractions, reducing both the amount and the quality of your work than if you were alone working from home. Many freelancers and online business owners have had to create a makeshift office space to try and escape from these distractions, as well as avoiding the embarrassment of having your kids run into the room during that really important Zoom call.

There are two ways that you can create this office space: you could convert a spare room in your house, or you could have one built in your garden or as a conservatory if there is enough space. Whichever one you decide is best for you, there are numerous companies and sites, for example,, that offer custom made furniture for your office space, including desks, shelves, filing cabinets, and bookcases.

You might decide that you want a large desk for you to spread out all of your notes and files whilst working, or you might prefer a more functional storage cabinet to keep your files organised. With the large array of sites for these custom, made to measure furniture items you are looking for, you are almost certain to find what you want without compromise. This will make your office a comfortable space for you to get things done.

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You might be wondering what the benefits of home offices are and whether it is worth making one. There are numerous advantages to having your own space to run your business or work from home, such as:

  • Fewer Distractions-

Lots of people have struggled to work from home during the pandemic due to numerous distractions throughout the day, especially those with children. Having a set space to complete this work ensures that you are solely focused on the tasks you need to complete, as opposed to worrying whether your children will come in and disturb you, and how many times this will occur.

  • Better Quality of Work-

Working in an office, as opposed to having your laptop on your knee in the living room, is going to improve the quality of your work. Sitting at a desk, in more of a formal setting, will not only improve your posture and reduce back pain but will also help to motivate you to do your best work and to not be lazy.

  • Professional Setting-

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that a lot of us have had to take part in Zoom call meetings at home. Taking these calls in a home office creates more of a professional-looking environment and will likely impress the participants of the calls as well as maintaining a certain sense of normality in these hectic times.

  • More Organised-

When working in the living room or dining room, for example, you are likely to store papers and files in numerous different places, which might cause heightened stress levels whilst trying to find that one file that you need urgently but seem to have misplaced. Offices at home, especially those with filing cabinets, will allow you to organize all of your papers and files and store them so that they stay organized, helping to reduce stress.

  • Increased Home Value-

Having a home office could potentially raise the value of your home if you were to sell it in the future. You may come across buyers who are in need of office space for working from home full or part-time, so they will be happy that the home they’re looking at comes with an office already created.

And that is not all. In some cases, your home office could potentially qualify for a tax deduction, providing you regularly use that part of the house for business. The good thing is that freelancers and business owners (i.e. self-employed) working permanently from home could claim more than employees may be able to.

Whilst employees working from home may be able to claim for increased heating, electricity, and water bills (or a rise in home insurance premium), self-employed people working full time at home could possibly claim for a portion of their rent, council tax, and other home expenses. The overall tax deduction also takes into consideration the type of housing you live in as well as the number of hours you work, therefore the amount you can deduct varies from person to person.

It is clear that creating a home office will be extremely beneficial to online entrepreneurs and freelancers, and will no doubt help you to continue the high quality work you strive for and will help you succeed though times are difficult at the moment.

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