How Much Does It Cost to Boost a WoW Character?

The ninth expansion of the legendary World of Warcraft: Shadowlands franchise was released on November 24, 2020. One of the many features was the change in the level system. Their number was “squished” from 120 to 60. Characters at level 120 moved to 50, and the maximum character level is 60.

Two Ways of Upgrading

There are 2 main ways to boost your character in WoW:

  • Complete all quests and tasks and gain experience
  • Buy pumping a character or individual elements of the game on appropriate services

The first method takes longer. With an average pace of the game, pumping a character from level 1 to 60 takes 20 to 30 hours. Raising the level from 50 to 60 is the longest: it will take up to 10 hours of play on average.

The second method is simpler and faster. A professional player of the boosting company goes through all the tasks online for you. All experience, achievements, mounts, and artifacts that players carry remain on your account. This takes 12 to 45 hours. During this time, you can either go about your business or follow the player’s actions in the online stream. You can buy Boost Character at the official online store Bizzard for $60.

Boost WOW Characters

Arena Boosts for SL

Different companies offer 3v3 and 2v2 arena upgrades. Arena 3v3 WoW boost is more popular among customers. Usually, it is provided by special services. A professional player competes for you to achieve your goals. You just tell the booster your current rating and the desired arena rating, as well as provide data for accessing your account. This is a great opportunity to get good gear every week. Prices depend on your rating, the desired rating, and the boosting type.

Dungeon Principles

There are 4 types of difficulties in the game. There are 

  1. Normal
  2. Heroic
  3. Mythic
  4. Mythic+ 

In total, there are 8 dungeons available in the game, 4 of which are available for boosting. To upgrade the dungeons, you must have a character level 60. If you complete all Mythic + dungeons on high difficulty on time, you get the Keystone Master achievement. You also get a unique mount and the Sinfall title.

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