How to Activate Siri on Apple Watch.


Apple watch is a hot topic to discuss these days as recently, Apple has launched the series of Apple watches which vary in models. Today we are going to discuss the activation method of Siri in Apple watch edition. Apple however now have moved to the third generation system for handling Siri queries and has moved to open source mesos platform according to mesosphere blog, Siri is the in-built software that comes with Apple devices after iPhone4 and it is intelligent enough to perform the number of tasks you had to do using your hands, instead Siri uses verbal approach and we can give the command to perform what is desired. For example sending message, weather check etc.

Apple shaped a new Siri tips website earlier this month as it propelled its services in nine more countries, and arranged for people to use it on the Apple Watch.It also has provided with the number of beautiful faces for watch user. You can change Apple watch faces using force touch.


Siri has always been a good fellow to help you work you want to do that may be on iPhone or Apple watch. It follows your command and does what was ordered. Here are the three steps to activate Siri on your Apple watch edition.


  • Elevate the watch to your mouth level.
  • Call Siri on Apple watch and say “hey Siri”
  • Finally, Ask what you want it to do for you


  • Elevate the watch to your mouth level
  • Press and hold Digital crown until you see Siri icon
  • Finally, Ask what you want it to do for you

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You can do number of things using Siri on Apple watch ;you can set up alarm , make note, make call, Set all kind of Reminders through your Voice, Set Timer, Apple Watch Work out app and Find your location on Map. You can also get update regarding Stock and much more it is no doubt a very good companion as it gives you an ease by helping you in your work.

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