How to avoid urban legends in betting.

Since sport is one of the most widespread pastimes, people look to improve one’s experience. TV screens look brighter and more precise than ever. The new stadiums are massive, modern, and perfectly designed. Betting is also a way to enhance the sense of involvement with the event and profit if the predictions are correct.

The history of bookmakers is solid, with the first one opening in the UK over 200 years ago, in 1795. No wonder why so many urban legends have appeared in such a long time. Below we will expose some of the most popular ones and explain why the players shouldn’t trust them.

Sports betting

“Online betting is unsafe”

This misconception is based on the older times when it was harder to distinguish illegal operators from those who obeyed the law. And outside of the internet, let’s be fair, it’s even more challenging for gamblers to find a trusted establishment.

On the web, however, there are many ways to differentiate secured bookies:

  • Official licenses
  • Membership in responsible gambling associations
  • Fast and competent online support

There are also reviews, as exampled here for the Spin Sports booking operator. It’s a safety measure that covers most of the described concerns.

“Betting is based on luck”

This false and misleading myth mostly comes from the players, who never tried to analyze the match before placing the bet. It’s a common novice mistake that often reduces the chances of winning. Hence, bettors who were confident in their choice but didn’t consider checking team stats and injuries may not receive their profits. Imagine: one or two stars aren’t fit to start the game, or your top team is on the losing streak: everything matters when bettor chooses the winner.

“Better pick more bets than think of the odds”

Parlay betting is popular among every group of players, regardless of their experience. But those who use wagers as their job use tactics and think strategically, while novices only dream about the most significant profit they can get. Most of the time, the second way turns out to be disappointing.

The parlay bets in themselves are one of the most ineffective in making profits. Especially if a bettor chooses higher odds and puts his money on the underdogs, etc., these would undoubtedly bring a lot of emotions. Still, it’s hard to earn anything without using a strict strategy.

“Fan is the best bettor and adviser”

Being a fan of one team for ten to fifteen years makes one a great expert in the topic, but asking this person for a recommendation on their next game might not be the best idea. People are different, and while some will honestly use their heads and tell all they think, others might add something from the heart. That includes:

  • Exaltation or, vice versa, the humiliation of some players and their abilities
  • Too much confidence in their team strength, especially in the derbies
  • Opinionated and irrational analysis of the opponent

Deciding to make bets on your favorite team is not recommended for the same reasons, even if the player thinks that he might make balanced decisions.

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