How to block a phone number with CM 11 using Nexus 5



Sometimes unknown numbers irritate you or some unknown person stalks you with different mobile numbers , at that stage you need a block number option in your mobile phone . Rite now in stock android firmware you don’t have such option as to block a specific number from calling you or messaging you . But when you use Nexus 5 and CyanogenMod 11 based custom ROM is running on it . You can able to blacklist a number and after blacklisting a number you can restrict that number , no call and no message . There are two ways you can blacklist an unknown number or number who is teasing you or irritate you all the time. One method is from settings and other method is from call log.Both methods are very easy , following is a guide on both methods . Enjoy

From Call Log:


From call log you can only blacklist those numbers which are already bothering you , go to call logs and locate the number from the history . Now click on the clock which is next to your desired number and select Add To Blacklist  . Now your desired number is added to blacklist , added number will not able to make calls to you .


From Settings :


Adding a number from call log can only restrict a number from making calls but when someone starts messaging you all the time you need to block that number from settings.Open your dialer and go to settings of your dialer ,in call settings find Blacklist turn it on and after turning it on you can simply add a number which is bothering you . From here you can manage your blacklist , when you delete any number from the blacklist it means that number is ok for making calls and messages . In the blacklist you have options weather a number is restricted for call only or you can restrict it on both calls and messages.

AndroidPIT-Dialer-Blacklist-5 AndroidPIT-Dialer-Blacklist-6

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