How to Block Contacts on Viber 4.2 Latest update on Android.


Viber has been no doubt a very fast growing popular messaging app for smartphones and have been downloaded over 500 million times across all platforms, either it is Android or iOS device, Viber has managed to get its name in the top lists of messaging apps. But beside all the positive features or Cons, there were some drawbacks and that made it to be included in the spammy list.

In Viber for Android it was impossible to block unwanted contacts and even those you don’t have them in your phone contact list. In some cases people have complained that they received highly pornographic materials from different contacts whom they don’t know and even don’t have their names saved in their devices and they don’t know how to Block Contacts on Viber.

Thanks to the developers the issue has been solved with the latest update for Android. The Viber 4.2 allows you to block any unwanted contact from the Viber contact list. All you have to do is imminently update your Viber to the latest version 4.2 on any Android device. If you have auto update switched ON then your Viber must have been updated to the latest version Automatically, all you have to do is follow these steps and you will be able to Block unwanted contacts on Viber.

How To Block Contacts on Viber 4.2:


All you have to do is make sure you have the Viber 4.2 installed on your Android device.

1- If you have deleted the messenger and you want to install it again you can download it here. [ Viber 4.2 apk] 2- Now you can tap on the Viber icon to open the messenger.
3- The Viber will automatically Synchronise all contacts in your device and will enlist the all contacts using viber.
4- Select the unwanted contact form the list, open their profile.
5- Now click on Settings and choose the BLOCK option from the list.

Here you go now you have Blocked the most unwanted one in the list. You can carry on the surge and block all unwanted Viber Contacts, by following the above method. Hopefully this will make your life much easier and you can get rid of filthy spammers from your favourite Viber messenger.

For iOS users there is still no such update for them so all they have to do is to wait for the next update, the developers will surely add this option for iOS users as well as there are over 100 million of them looking for this option.

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