How To Block Someone On Gmail Easy Guide



Gmail is a very popular email service and now a days almost all web users prefer Gmail for their email needs. But as you know these days so many companies advertise through email and you get lots of unwanted emails in your mail box . You mail box become too much crowded and its an irritating thing to find email which is important . To block email user which is continuously sending yo mails or to block a domain which is up to mail you every minute is very easy . Following is a guide on How To Block Someone On Gmail.




  • There is very good feature in Gmail named as filter , this feature will help you stop unwanted emails in your inbox . Also with the help of this feature your unwanted emails will be automatically deleted.
  • Open Gmail and sign in .
  • Click down arrow on search bar at the top.
  • Now enter the email address you want to block , you can also block the whole domain from sending you emails like . Now create filter with this search , check delete it and  then click create filter . Now you unwanted email address or domain is blocked and you will not see any unwanted email in your inbox .
  • Emails from you blocked list will be automatically sent to Trash Folder.


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