How to Boost Nexus 5 Speaker and Headset Volume.


We all know that the new Nexus 5 despite having bigger speakers doesn’t have a louder sound as compared to the other Android smartphones available in the market. Even the previous LG Nexus 4 has a better speaker volume as compared to the current Nexus 5 device. We have come up with a great tweak that will help you boost Nexus 5 speakers and headset volume to a large extant.

The trick was shared by a XDA – Developers community user, the best part about this Volume booster is that it doesn’t distort the sound unlike the free volume enhancing apps present on the Google Play Store. Even the pro or paid versions of such apps does not come closer to this tweak. The other best part about this mode is that it comes up in different packs. If you want to enhance only the speaker volume of Nexus 5 all you have to do is download the Speaker Volume enhancer zip file from the given link. Same does apply for the Headset pack, while there is a pack that helps enhancing both speaker and Headset volume of your Nexus 5.

If you think the volume boost for Nexus 5 will damage your speakers [ Which does not apparently] then you can revert back to the stock volume by Un-installing the mode which you installed, for this purpose there is a link for the zip file as well. But one thing you must keep in mind is that you must have Rooted Nexus 5 device. All you have to follow the procedure given below to boost your Nexus 5 Speakers and Headset Volume or either one of them the one you liked the most.

The features of this tweak are it will help you in increasing your device volume up to 50% as compared to the stock volume. It also let you delete all such apps and tweaks that you have installed to increase the device volume while you end up listening to the distorted sound.


How to Increase / Boost Nexus 5 Volume:

All you have to do is download any file you want and flash it in recovery mode.  The downloads work for both current Android 4.4.2 and the previous Android 4.4.1 KitKat versions. If you have the older Android version then you must have to update your device before injecting these volume booster mods. We recommend to back up your device and do this flash at your own risk. better to Download the linked files first on your PC or MAC and later it transfer them to the phone using the USB cable.

Volume booster for Both HeadPhone and Speakers. [Link]
– Volume booster for Only Headphone. [Link]
 Volume booster for only Speakers. [Link]
– Un-Install Volume booster and return to Stock Volume. [Link]

Now copy the downloaded Zip fiel from your PC and transfer it to the SDcard memory in your Nexus 5. You have to Reboot your device in the Recovery Mode depending on which Recovery Mode you are using. We recommend the ClockworkMod or TWRP Mode because its quite easier flashing a file on to your device using these recovering modes.

After selecting the Zip file, Flash it and then Reboot your device. You will notice the effect of this Volume booster for your Nexus 5 immediately as soon as you will hear the booting screen volume.

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Video & Image Source: AndroidRootz

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