How to ByPass iPod Passcode to unlock it. [Guide]


Sometimes when your iDevice get locked and you forgot the passcode, its turns into a headeache and you can not use your gadget which you bought for endless entertainment. This has happened with many people who forgot the lock pass or code they set on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. We have come to let you know how to ByPass iPod Passcode to get i unlocked and use it again as normal.

Mostly the problem may occur when you enter the wrong passcode more then six times the iPod may stuck on the lock screen and you can not even enter the new code. If you are facing the same situation we will teach you how to come out of it by simply ByPassing iPod Lock Code or PassCode and enter in it.

With the help of this guide you can easily get the iPod Working without even restoring or deleting your previously stored data in it. This can be done even without connecting your device with the iTunes app as well. The same tip can be used to ByPass Passcode of iPhone, iPad and this iPod Touch. The instructions given here can be applied on all variants of the 4th and 5th Generation of iPod.

How to ByPass iPod Touch Lock Code/ PassCode:

All you have to do is follow these steps given below in this guide to get your iPod unlocked, you need to jailbreak your iPod. All you have to do is connect your iPod with the PC running Windows or Mac OS, There is this app which enables the root access of your iPad system files and get it ByPass the initial lock code.

Note – Attached your iOS device through supplied USB cable to the computer before start jailbrking.

Step to do jailbreak your iPod Touch

Step 1. First of all you have to Connect your iPod Touch to your Mac or Pc.

Step 2. After that you have to Tap on “Settings” icon and go to  “General ”, and then tap on the  “about”.

Step 3. Once you reach in the About option you have to note of the firmware version shown on your iPod Touch.

Step 4. Let’s Download now and run a jailbreaking tools that applies to your iPod firmware.

Step 5. This will help you in downloading the correct version of the jailbreak. Now you have to Download & install a file browser from, or

Step 6. When done all you have to do is Double-click on the downloaded program to launch the it on your desktop. The folders on the drive are scanned and displayed on the window.

Step 7. After step 6, Go to the “Var/Mobile/Library/Preferences” and right-click “” This is the file that tells the iOS device that a password is active.

Step 8. Click “Delete,” then navigate to “Var/Keychains.”


Step 9. Once done you have to Delete “Keychain-2.db. file from the given list.

Once done you will be able to ByPass the lock code on your iPod Touch whenever you will access it next time, in fact your iPod Touch will have no more Passcode injected in it and you can set a new one if you need one. The “KeyChain-2.db” contains all the Passcodes which are stored on your iPod are deleted during the Jailbreking procedure; so that you will have to re-enter them. These include Passcode such as Wi-Fi Passcode and other Passcode which are used by app.

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