How to Change DNS Server on Android devices.


DNS stands for domain name system that translates the internet domain and host name to IP address. Sometimes you often see that internet connection gets slow and websites takes long time to load this all happened due to the issue with the DNS. The two type of DNS server include Google DNS and Open DNS both are available for free. The default DNS is quite slow

Android devices do not have any built in option to change DNS. This article will guide to change DNS server on your Android to make the internet surfing faster, reliable, more secured and to access the geolocked websites. It will also discuss how to change DNS for android device when on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G for both root and without root permissions.

Note: None of the android devices comes up with an option to change the DNS server o already known WI-FI network. For this you need to first remove the list of known WI-FI networks and then connect them again at time of entering a DNS server of your choice.

Some instruction given below will help you to change DNS server on your android device

Step 1: Press the menu button on android device and tap on settings option. After this tap on wireless and network connections. Then tap and hold the Wi-Fi networks you are currently connected. Just click on the forget option to erase the existing DNS.

Step 2: Click on the name of the of the Wi-Fi network again, it will ask you to enter password.

Step 3: After typing the password move down and choose advanced options. Change IP settings from DHCP to static.

Step 4: Move down to DNS1 and DNS2 and choose any DNS address according to your preference and the tap on join option.

Using apps from the Google Play Store

DNset and Dns charger are the two apps that are available on Google play store. These two enable you to change DNs server on your Android phone or tablet. When you start these apps for the first time a super user will be displayed on screen asking for root access. These apps do not require root access to change DNs server. If you allow rooting then it will show multiple options. Dns changer allows you to run application by selecting any 2 server from the available server list. After choosing any of two servers a notification will pop up showing successful connection.


Note: The free version only allows you to set your DNS to Goggles public servers whereas on paid version you can set up customize DNS server.

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