How to Change the Background on Google Chrome [ Mac ]


If you like to make changes in your browsers then you know that, we can add a custom background on Chrome. Here’s How to Change the Background on Google Chrome, as the settings are same on Mac and Windows so you can use the following method for both. Google pulled out this option back on 2012, but we can still change Google Chrome plain white look to a custom theme. There are many themes you can download from Chrome web store. In the following method i’ll tell you how to download and install themes on Google Chrome.

How to Change the Background on Google Chrome [ Mac ]:

Step#1: Click on three line located on top right side of your Chrome.

Step#2: Select Settings from the list.

Step#3: Click on Get Themes.

Step#4: Now you’ll be in Chrome WebStore. There you’ll find hundreds of themes. Choose the one you want.


Step#5: Click on theme you want to add, click on Add to Chrome.

Step#6: Once you click on Add to Chrome it will check compatibility and install it.

Once the process is completed you’ve to close and reopen the chrome in order to apply all the effects. This is all you have to do, now your Chrome will be no longer with plane white theme. If you want any other theme do the same process and choose any other theme.

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