How to Change the MAC address of your Wireless Adapter Easy Guide



Sometimes you got into a problem and you need to change the MAC address of the wireless adapter , changing MAC address is the most irritating and most difficult thing to do when you are using windows operating system. MAC is basically the hardware address , adapter address , physical address , with MAC address you can connect to a wireless adapter and any other wireless device . Changing MAC address in Linux is very easy but changing MAC address in windows operating system is very painful . Ther are so many reasons which cause in changing MAC address so we guide you today how to change MAC address of your wireless adapter using windows operating system.

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  • Go to Control Panel .
  • Now go to Device Manager.
  • Go to Network Adapters .List of all network devices will be shown in a list .
  • Locate the wireless adapter¬†you are using or you want to change the MAC address .
  • Go to properties of the wireless adapter .
  • click Advance¬†Tab.


  • Under the property highlight the network address.
  • Select Value located on the right side .
  • Type in the MAC address you want in the box.
  • Click OK.
  • Now check the MAC address you changed by type the command in the command prompt run box “IPCONFIG”.
  • When you go to network properties and then advance tab , sometimes you see Not Present. Don’t worry it doesn’t means that your wireless adapter don’t have a MAC address.

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