How To Customizing Your iPhone to Get the Best User Experience


The iPhone has been the premier Smartphone device on the market for quite a long time now. While the manufacturers of this device have made every effort possible to make the device as simple to use as possible, there is still a need to customize it. Use of custom mobile solutions to get the best user experience on a device is what the app store is designed to enable. One of the most important areas where custom solutions are needed for best user experience is data consumption.            

Why you need to monitor data consumption

Carrier networks have only been able to barely keep up with the evolution of Smartphone devices. One of the areas where their slow progress has placed them at a disadvantage is the provision of data services. Many network carriers are serving more consumers than the optimal capacities at which their networks are designed to operate. In order to limit the data connectivity burden they are forced to bear, they have to limit data consumption on devices operated on their network. This has taken the form of data usage plans that consumers are forced to accede to, so as to access data services on the networks.

These data usage creates limits within which the devices on the network will be forced to operate so as to ensure the network is not overloaded. They, therefore, reduce the connection speeds that devices that have exceeded their limits get. This can be quite frustrating where a device that was previously operated at 3G HSDPA speeds gets downgraded to Edge speeds. To make matters even worse, they will levy high charges for the excessive consumption. This is why custom mobile solutions to monitor and control data use are a necessity.

How to customize iPhone for better use

There is an iPhone app to track data usage in the Apple app store that the user can have installed on their device. This app makes it possible for users to track their data consumption and manage it. This is how many iPhone users are able to ensure that they stay within the operational parameters that their network service providers have mandated. The iPhone app to track data usage can also be used to ensure that network connectivity is unavailable to some apps if they are deemed to be unnecessary. This prevents apps that are not used much from consuming the precious data that might be needed to check the important email on the go, were you near your allowance limit.

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