How to Delete Individual Message from iPhone on iOS 8


I have seen many queries related to deleting Individual Message from iPhone running iOS 8.X. Well for first I thought this so simple why people are asking about it. So today I thought let’s do this, in the following guide you’ll found out how to delete individual messages from iPhone on iOS 8. You don’t need to install a third party app to so such a task, Apple loaded awesome features in iOS 8 like third party keyboards, family sharing, continuity etc. Most of the time people don’t find it necessary to delete messages from the conversation, but some do because some people think that by deleting old texts they are clearing this storage. Now let’s get back to the guide in which you’ll learn how to delete individual message from iPhone on iOS 8.x.

How to Delete Individual Message from iPhone on iOS 8:

Step 1: Launch Message app on iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on any conversation.

Step 3: Now double tap on the individual message.

Step 4: A popup will appear. Tap on More.


Step 5: Message will be highlighted means selected.


Step 6: Now tap on the trash to delete the message.


Step 7: Tap on Delete Message.


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