How To Download APK files from Google Play to desktop Pc

APK files from Google Play to desktop

Downloading a Apk file directly on your Android devices seems easy but some times we face many issue, network problem or file size is exceeded from 50mb. In the following guide we’ll tell how you can download Apk files from Google Play to your desktop. It would be a lot easier to download Apk file on your PC then transfer it to your device. In the following guide we’ll be using online tools that will get the Apk file from Google Play Store, only you have to do few steps before downloading the Apk. Let’s begin the guide on how to download APK files from Google Play to desktop. Apk helps us in many situations like some times developers add country restriction on the Apps so in such times Apk comes really handy.

How to download an APK from Google Play with a browser extension:

Step 1: You have to download following files on your browser.


Step 2: Once the APK Downloader extension for Chrome. You are all set to download, but before proceeding you have to do few more things.

Step 3: Now you have add your Gmail id before the APK Downloader starting working.

Step 4: Once you’ve added your Gmail id, now you’ve to add your device ID.

Step 5: Dial ##8255## on you device to get your id. [ You can also download Device ID app from Google Play ]

Step 6: Once you successfully added your Device ID in APK Downloader extension click on login.

Step 7: All you have to do open Google Play click on any free app, now click on the APK Downloader extension on top right side of your browser.

Step 8: It will start downloading the APK to your Pc.

Step 9: Connect your device with Pc using USB Cable, copy the downloaded APK on to your device.

All Done.

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