How to Download Apps Without Password on iPhone or iPad


When ever we download an App from App store on iOS device, most of the time we have enter password it doesn’t matter if its free. In the following guide i’ll tell you How to Download Apps Without Password on iPhone or iPad. We are not using any third party app or jailbreak tweak, in iOS 8.3 Apple has fixed many bugs and also added a new feature which gives you option to download free app without entering password. This features is very useful but on the other hand we have one downside you have to remove fingerprint sensor, if you don’t want to enter passwords while downloading free apps. Now lets start the guide.

How to Download Apps Without Password on iPhone or iPad:

Following is the step by step guide on how to download apps without password on iPhone and iPad. Please follow all the steps carefully in order to download apps without password.

Step#1: First Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step#2: Now tap on Touch ID & Passcode.

Step#3: You have to enter the Passcode and turn off iTunes & App Store.

Step#4: Go back to the settings menu.

Step#5: Scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store.

Step#6: Now in iTunes & App Store tap on Password Settings.

Step#8: Turn off Required Password option in password settings.

That’s all for now, you can download the apps without using password on iPhone and iPad.. !! Let me know if you face any issue.