How to Download Viber Video Messages to iPhone Camera Roll (and other Media)


Viber is the best free voice and text message messenger for every smartphone, you can also send videos, pictures, stickers, voice message and more. When we install Viber first time on our iPhone the system ask you to give permission to access the Camera roll on iPhone most of the time every one grant the access so by default Viber stores all its media to iPhone Camera roll. But some time most of us by mistaken cancel the request to access the Camera roll and then we don’t get our video message, pictures and other media in iPhone Camera roll. So today i’ll explain how to download Viber video messages to iPhone camera roll and other media. Please follow all the steps carefully in order to download Viber video messages to iPhone camera roll.

How to Download Viber Video Messages to iPhone Camera Roll:


Step 1: Open Viber on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on More.

Step 3: Now Tap on Settings.

Step 4: Tap on Media.

Step 5: Now tap on Switch ON Save to Gallery.

Step 6: Goto Home screen by pressing the home button on your iPhone.

Step 7: Goto Settings of your iPhone.

Step 8: Tap on Privacy.

Step 9: Tap on Photos.

Step 10: Now you’ll see a list of apps who are accessing photos.

Step 11: Tap on Viber and turn on.

All Done !!.

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