How to Download “Paper – stories from Facebook” for Non U.S iOS users.


Facebook has just launched a new app named, “Paper – Stories from Facebook“. This new Facebook’s standalone content reader app is more featured loaded variant of FlipBoard. With the addition of fully functioning messages tab, notification tab and the Friend Request tab makes it a live Facebook feed running on the same Magazine reader interfaced app like we mentioned earlier. It’s more like Facebook Home but it has been designed to perfection.

With all the best features and well appreciation from all corners of the tech lovers, it still disappoints many users as the Paper- Facebook is only available for iOS devices and among them the it is available for the devices using US store so millions of non-US users have to follow following procedure to get the app downloaded from the iTunes store.

The official Description of the app that has been posted on the iTunes store reads as,

Explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and full-screen, distraction-free layouts. Paper includes your Facebook News Feed and sections about your favourite topics.

· Browse stories from your Facebook News Feed in beautiful new layouts.
· Customize your Paper with sections about your favourite themes and interests.
· Unfold beautifully designed article covers for news and stories from trusted sources.
· Tilt the screen to explore vivid high-resolution photos and see details up close.
· Watch fullscreen videos that come to life and fill the screen.
· Use simple, natural movements to thumb through Paper uninterrupted.
· Craft your own stories and see exactly what your posts will look like before you share them.

Now we will let you know how to download it if even you are not a US market user on the iTunes store. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

How to Download “Paper – stories from Facebook” for Non U.S iOS users:

1- Keep in mind that this app works only on iOS 7, So if you don’t upgraded your iOS device to iOS 7, you should do it now.
2- Open App Store on your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch.
3- If you are a non US user you will not find the app even listed in the store.
4- Now go at the bottom of the store and Click on your Apple ID.
5- Select View Apple ID and inside it tap on the Country/ Region options.IMG_1237

6- Change your Country / Region from whatever it is to the United States.
7- All you need is a Fake US phone number to be added at the end of the form, Don’t change your other information.
8- Once the country is changed to United States, go back and you will find the ” Paper – Stories from facebook” in the store.
9- Tap it and download as it is FREE.


Hurray here you go. Now download and install the app and enjoy using the amazing Facebook Paper in a whole new look and feel. Once you added  the app you can simply change your  App Store location back to your original location.

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