How to download SoundCloud playlist on your PC.

Soundcloud no doubt the best thing ever happened for the music fans. You can find any type of music in this gigantic music cloud that has been already regarded as one of the largest audio file collection on internet. With all the pros the SoundCloud have one obligatory and that is your device must be connected to the internet or you would not reach to your audio files on SoundCloud and all the playlists that you have made there with tons of songs searched online.

But today we will let you know the best way for you to get all the favorite music Playlists on SoundCloud downloaded on your PC with the help of some simple tips. By using this trick you will be able to download complete SoudCloud playlist form the site to your PC.

How to download Soundcloud Music Playlist completely on your PC:

All you have to do is follow these steps given in the guide below to successfully download complete playlist from Soundcloud on your PC with the help of this program that you have to download and install on your pc first. This Soundcloud playlist program can be downloaded on any PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or even the latest Windows 10 preview mode.

1)- First of all you have to download the SoundCloud Playlist file from the given link below.

SoundCloud Playlist

2)- After the file is downloaded make sure to extract it on your desktop.

3)- Once done Run the extracted setup file form the given directory.

4)- This will lead you to an online setup, by clicking on install it will install the SoundCloud Playlist Sync program on your PC.

5)- Once installed the program will start automatically with the interface as shown in the image above.

6)- All you have to do now is find your playlist on the SoundCloud and copy the Playlist URL given in the address bar and paste it in the URL field in the app.

7)- Once done select a folder where to download the SoundCloud playlist on your computer.

8)- Last step click on the Synchronize button and let the magic begin. The program will download all the songs or audio files present in the selected playlist.

That’s it. I have downloaded tons of my favorite songs using this SoundCloud Playlist Sync tool and set a new playlist on my PC with the help of the auto folder configuration that this program provides. As mentioned above this program performs on all Windows versions.


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