How to enable call recording on CyanogenMod 11 with Xposed module.


Call recording can be considered as one of the most useful utility that should be made available by default in all smartphones, but many phone makers don’t agree with this argument so users have to relay on third party apps to get this feature enabled on their devices. But for Android devices running the custom ROMs, it turn out to be quite easy and simple now with the new xposed module that have shown up recently.

If you are running a modified Android device with the most popular custom ROM CyanogenMod 11 installed on it, you can get the luxury of Call Recording by default in those smartphones. All you have to do is install the Xposed module from a spy developer Pyler, This will make you enable all call recording functionalist on your device quite easily and you can record any type of call or even record any sound even if your smartphone is locked.

The developers at CyanogenMod would know this feature hidden in their CM 11 nightlies, but due to the privacy concerns and Regional restricted laws that have been used against some companies with the same activities, the team behind coding CM 11 would never let users to turn their call recording feature ON by default. But as mentioned above this feature has been enabled by a Xposed Module by simply installing the Xposed Framework on your device and then install this module given in the link below.

Enable call recording on CyanogenMod:
Requirements: CM 11 (any nightly build after August 14)


As soon as you complete installing this modded module into your CM 11 system files you will notice the call record button at the bottom of the screen. Now all you have to do is just tap on that button to record all calls. You can tap on the button even before answering a call or even when you are dialing the numbers. So don’t worry it will not record all your calls by default but by your permission.

Keep in mind that the module only works on CM11 nightlies from 14th August or the M10 build or later, and does not work on any other ROM that is based on AOSP.

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