How to Enable QuickBoot Mode on One Plus One


One Plus One is the best Android phone of 2014 in specs and in price, its a very powerful device as compared to many other devices. One Plus One is a complete package Android phone and its cheap in price, there are many awesome features in One Plus One. One of them is QuickBoot that allows the phone to boot up quickly when powered on after being turned completely off. In the following guide i’ll tell you how to enable QuickBoot mode on One Plus One.

How to Enable QuickBoot Mode on One Plus One:


Step#1: Goto Settings on your One Plus One.

Step#2: Select About phone.

Step#3: Scroll down and tap on Build number.

Step#5: Tap Build number seven times, to enable the developers option.

Step#6: Once developers option is enable now you easily enable QuickBoot.

Step#7: Go to settings again.

Step#8: Tap on System section.

Step#9: Select Developer options.

Step#10: Scroll down to Enable QuickBoot mode, tap on it to enable it.

All Done !!….

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