How to enable WhatsApp Voice Call Feature.


The latest update of the world’s most used messaging app “WhatsApp” has brought the voice call feature with it, but as most of the common users are still trying to get their first call done via WhatsApp. The issue mostly faced by users is that whenever they try to call a person via the WhatsApp calling feature, they end up using the default dialer which deducts the standard call charges set by the cellular network. So it becomes a direct call from a phone number to another and not a free call what most of user wants to have.

In this post we will like to let you know how to enable WhatsApp Voice Call feature to get more and more voice calls for free using the standard 3G data or any WiFi network like most of us do using the Viber or Skype messenger. Now you can make your WhatsApp messenger just like the above mentioned messaging apps and make some free calls.

How to enable WhatsApp voice calls:

To do so all you have to do is download the latest version of the App from Google Play Store or from the links given below. The updated and latest version of the app with the WhatsApp Voice Call feature enabled is the WhatsApp v2.11.560 or another stable update from the link below app version v2.11.560.

WhatsApp v2.11.546

WhatsApp v2.11.561

WhatsApp on official WhatsApp site for Android


Now once you downloaded and installed this updated version of the app on your device. You can then see three tabs at the top of your whatsApp. This will have a call button shown on the top as well. This option will let you call any of the whatsApp contact using the internet data.

The latest version of WhatsApp v2.11.560 and the v2.11.561 have been tested and are working on most of the devices. Other version prior to that have been found working on specific devices especially the ones with the stock Android installed on them. With the latest version of WhatsApp you can have the Caller feature up and running on your device.

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