How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Today we are going to discuss how to enter Recovery Mode for your Samsung Galaxy S3, and we will show you the whole procedure to get to it. 

The first thing that you will keep in mind  is that Recovery Mode is used to erase some unwanted data that you have not been using for long, or in other words this process can also make your Android device much lighter and it can perform faster after going through the whole process. The recovery mode is also used for updating the device. The ClockwordMod recovery can add new or extra features to your Android device. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also have lots of 3rd party cooked ROMs that can change the whole classical Touch Wiz user interface of the device. 

The Recovery Mod can help you to wipe data, or factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S3. It can even help in wipe the cache from your Android smartphone.

How to enter recovery mode on Galaxy S3:


To start your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone in recovery Mod you need to follow these steps.

  1. First of all Shut Down your phone.
  2. Now Hold the Volume Up button, the Home Button and the Power Button
  3. Make sure all three buttons to be hold at the same time
  4. keep them pressed for 3-4 seconds
  5. Here you go, Your Samsung Galaxy S3 will start in recovery mode now.

For more help keep a look at the image Below. The screen in recovery mode will be the same as the image posted at the start of the post.

Galaxy S3 recovery mod, recovery mod galaxy s3


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