How To Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8.3

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After updating to the iOS 8.3 people have reported about many issues but the most common issue was the bluetooth connectivity. Today i’ll tell you how to fix bluetooth connectivity issues in iOS 8.3, although Apple fixed many bugs in the latest update but Bluetooth and Touch ID was not working while purchasing or downloading app is getting on people nerves. Touch ID bug is fixed and now i’ll help you to get rid of Bluetooth connectivity. Main issues people are facing with Bluetooth are they aren’t able to connect their device to Bluetooth such as, earphones, speakers or even car stereos. If you are one of them then you have to the right place, let’s start the process.

In the following guide we’ll use different type of solution in order to fix bluetooth connectivity issues in iOS 8.3. If none of the method works for you then you have to goto Apple store and replace your device.

How To Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues in iOS 8.3:


Step#1: First you have to hard reboot your iPhone, hold on sleep/wake button and Home button until you see Apple logo.

Step#2: Toggle Bluetooth on/off a few times.

Step#3: Settings app → Tap on Bluetooth → Toggle on/off.

Step#4: Turn On/Off bluetooth form Control Center.


Step#1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step#2: Tap on Bluetooth.

Step#3: You’ll see devices that were connected with your iPhone Tap on the “i”. 

Step#4: Tap on Forget This Device.

Step#5: Tap on Forget Device from the bottom to confirm.


Step#1: Go to Settings app.

Step#2: Tap on General.

Step#3: Tap on Reset.

Step#4: Tap on Reset Network Settings.

Step#5: Tap on Reset Network Settings.

If none of these methods helped you then you have to restore your iPhone using iTunes.

Step#1: Connect your iPhone to Mac or computer.

Step#2: launch iTunes.

Step#3: select your device from the top left menu.

Step#4: Click on Restore iPhone.

Step#5: click Restore and Update to confirm.

All Done !!!

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